Available Guided Tours and shore excursions in Israel

Shore excursions Israel - Ashdod - Jerusalem

Ashdod - Jerusalem

If you enjoy the co-existence of peoples, cultures, creeds and economies, you must come to Jerusalem! An extremely heterogeneous city! It is considered to be the holiest city of Judaism as well as some denominations of Christianity, and also holds ...

From €500.00
Shore excursions Israel - Haifa and Bethlehem

Haifa - Bethlehem

Visit some of the holiest sights of Christianity on this full day tour. This is a great option for those who have not been to the area before, and want to see it all!

From €500.00
Shore excursions Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

The tv news usually doesn't show us the loads of cultures and arts that some country and towns like Tel Aviv has so have a look and take your decision. This is a good choice! At the cruise ship pier, ...

From €500.00