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Shore excursions Ajaccio - Corsica France


Located on the west coast of the Corsica Island, Ajaccio is an ideal tour destination for its two-sided islands, beautiful coastline and one of the most fascinating sea-beds in the Mediterranean.

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Shore excursions France - Avignon, Chteauneuf du Pape and Pont du Gard

Avignon Chteauneuf Du Pape And Pont Du Gard

Avignon, it is now very cool and quite. Yes I said now because if you think about when it was the Pope's residence was,like most of the medieval castles and cities, besieged. That's the way of the world, yesterday, ...

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Shore excursions France - Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo or Villefranche

Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo Or Villefranche

This tour is designed for those who want to try to see as much as possible. It requires a good amount of driving, so it is not intended for those who want to linger at any one stop. Stops are ...

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Shore excursions Paris - Le Havre Port of Paris

Le Havre Port Of Paris

Even if your ship docks at the Port of Le Havre you will have the chance to see Paris. With our driving guide you will spend 2.5 hours to get to the City but I couldn't say that the transfer to ...

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Shore excursions - FranceLoire Valley Castles

Loire Valley Castles

I'm sure that everytime you see these castles in a movie or on tv you said: Look at that! Awesome! That's the place where I would like to live. Well we can't do anything about that but at least go ...

From €800.00