Vatican Museum Tours

Rome is a city full of nuance and mystery. With its impressive array of ancient ruins and wide open city squares, it blends the historical with the modern, creating an atmosphere that is undeniably cosmopolitan. Part of Rome's charm is that it always seems to conceal more than meets the eye; walking through the streets, one gets the feeling that there is something to be discovered around every corner. When you book one of our renowned Vatican Museum Tours, you'll be whisked away into the Holy See, the independent territory of the Roman Catholic Church, otherwise known as Vatican City. Here you'll find an abundance of treasures, priceless artwork and holy cathedrals, each with a long and mysterious story to tell. Our Vatican Museum Tours are as much about solving ancient riddles as they are about sightseeing.

From the comfort of one of our luxurious vehicles, your driver will provide your introduction to the heart of Catholicism, through in-depth historical explanations and any additional printed materials that you request. We have years of experience operating the best rated Vatican Museum Tours in Italy, and our guides are trained to enhance your explorations of the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter. The beauty and majesty of the Pope's home can be somewhat overwhelming at times, but our quality service takes all the glorious sights and the fascinating information and makes them easily digestible for every visitor.

We offer a variety of time slots for our Vatican Museum Tours, each with their own particular benefits. If you choose to come during the Pope's public blessing, you'll join thousands of other pilgrims together in the main square, enjoying the chance to see the world's most famous religious celebrity in real life. With the pre-booked entry that we offer for tours to the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peter you won't have to worry about waiting around in long lineups. If you have a full day ahead of you already, we can schedule a Vatican Museum Tour in the evening, and arrange it so that we catch a beautiful Italian sunset after our trip through all the fascinating artifacts and art work. Our goal is to provide a customized, satisfying experience.