Illuminated Rome By Night Tours

Once you've had a taste of the "eternal city" by day, it's time to take it to the next level with one of our exclusive Illuminated Rome by Night Tours. The fabulous landmarks that drew your attention under the glowing Roman sun take on a whole new character under the light of the moon, showing a more seductive side of the city that you don't want to miss. This is the city famous for its wine and its indiscretions, for the hidden charm of small alleyway bars and the intoxicating atmosphere of local night markets. While you can see many of the famous historical sites during the day, an Illuminated Rome by Night Tour gives you a chance to see the city in a more natural, relaxed state.

Our Illuminated Rome by Night Tours offer flexible scheduling and varying time frames to cater to your personal needs. If you choose to dine in a fine Italian restaurant before joining us for your journey around the city, we can accommodate your schedule. Should you choose to delay your evening meal, our drivers can suggest any number of highly recommended local restaurants, each offering their own unique take on world famous Italian cuisine. After dinner you can craft your own special tour based on destinations that you want to visit, or allow one of our excellent guides to take you to the more popular locations accessible by the Illuminated Rome by Night Tour.

Finding your way through night traffic in the Italian capital can be a hair-raising experience, but with the experienced drivers of our tours navigating the narrow streets and roundabouts is sure to be an exhilarating time. Watch as locals swoop by on their scooters, heading off to a night at one of the city's crowded nightclubs. Ponder the sight of a passing limousine, sure to contain personalities from Rome's cosmopolitan arts and business communities. Stop in for a drink at a local hangout, or sample some fine gelato for dessert. From the comfort of our plush upholstery, enjoy the illuminated palazzos and fountains that abound in the Italian capital, and discover the fascinating sights of the eternal city by night.