Naples Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Tours

As a country composed of ancient city-states and co-mingled empires, Italy has many districts with their own unique culture and atmosphere. Southern Italy is renowned for its relaxed way of life, influenced by the warm air of the Mediterranean and the beauty of the olive trees. When you book a Tour to Naples, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, you'll be able to unwind as you enjoy a leisurely journey into Italy's warm southern climes. Compared to the fast pace of life in the busy Roman center, the areas you'll see along the way are optimal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Palm trees sway in the warm ocean breeze and livestock graze on the fertile grasses of rolling hills. Traditional Italian women meet in the town center to do their laundry and discuss the latest gossip, just as generations have done before them.

Tours to Naples, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius are an ideal way to see the authentic Italian lifestyle, without all the difficulties of arranging rail or air transit. Our drivers are professional and dedicated to quality customer service. While the various dialects spoken in this region of the country often pose a problem for visitors with only a marginal grasp of the Italian language, our employees are fluent and able to ensure that all interactions proceed smoothly. With our excellent service, our tours are completely relaxing, free of any inconveniences or difficulties.

The volcanic plains you'll see as you drive along on your tour are a unique geographical area with a fascinating history. Vesuvius is an active volcano, and one of the few European volcanoes to have erupted within the last hundred years. Perhaps its most famous eruption occurred in AD 79, when a massive lava flow and ash rain completely destroyed the city of Vesuvius. When you visit the city today on our tour, you'll see many of the original buildings preserved, having been excavated from underneath layers of solid lava. While the area is perfectly safe now, our guides will be able to relay all the frightening facts and the destruction of the city, and the way it shaped the history of Italy.