Florence and Pisa

Since the days of the Renaissance, when European culture experienced a return to the values of Greek civilization and a subsequent flourishing of art, architecture and science, Florence has been considered one of the world's most important cities. It was once the capital of Italy, and for hundreds of years was a major center for trade and the movement of goods around Europe. To understand why Florence has gained such an incredible reputation, sign up for our Florence and Pisa Tours, the best cultural experience that Italy has to offer.

Many people believe that Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, and considering the abundance of amazing art in the city, it isn't hard to agree. Our drivers know the area extremely well, and can take you to the famous galleries such as the Uffizi, as well as lesser-known exhibits. With a Florence tour, you'll get to see Michelangelo's David sculpture, the most iconic piece of Western art that still survives to this day. As you wind your way through the city streets in the comfort of one of our fine, luxurious vehicles, you'll be able to contemplate and enjoy the amazing architecture in the city center, which dates back to the 15th century and beyond.

Once you've had your fill of the cultural riches of Florence, our tours can take you to another important Tuscan city. In Pisa you'll see the incredible buildings that once made this city the center of one of Italy's most influential empires. Historical landmarks and amazing sights abound here, with the leaning tower being the most famous. Our Pisa Tour guides will be able to answer all your questions about Italy's renowned off-kilter landmark. Find out why this tower was built on such a strange angle, and how it manages to stand upright hundreds of years after it was built.

Our Florence and Pisa Tours truly showcase our commitment to excellence in customer service. Not only do we provide a safe, hassle-free method of transportation, taking you out onto the Italian roads, but we also provide in depth historical analysis. After your experience on our tours, you'll come away feeling refreshed, full of wonder and new ideas that you learned along the way.